Ele D'Artagnan is of course a "stage name".
His life was a wild mix of theater, music, film, painting, various arts and poverty.. but also
with some moments of glory and happiness. He was often homeless, yet he was convinced that his work, and especially his art, would be recognized one day.
And it really has happened …
Five of Ele D'Artagnan's works are now in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, bought and then donated to MOMA by the Rothschild Foundation. Personal and collective exhibitions have been in New York, Miami,Salvador da Bahia, Amsterdam, Milan, Paris and Frankfurt. Some of his works and prints will now be exhibited for the first time in Berlin, in a small, personal show in the TENNIS Café/Bar.
D'Artagnan was a true outsider!
And now, the sales of his works of art help to support ICBIE, a non-profit NGO in Salvador. ICBIE (The Cultural Institute of Brazil. Italy and Europe) promotes cultural events, study, arts and sport for young people and adults in the Itapagipe and local Salvador communities.
We all - ICBIE, Lahn Artists and our friends in Berlin, Frankfurt, Rome and Bahia - are very pleased to be part of this wonderful story.
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"An Italian Outsider" - Ele D'Artagnan